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freaked out...

okay, i was trying to waste the last 14 mins of work and googled my username.... along with the usual mentionings of livejournal stuff, was this strange link. I clicked it and have found my livejournal is listed as well as many many other sites saying its a "usage statistic for www.granbaol.org " . I have no fucking clue what the hell that site is....no clue why I'm listed as a usuage statistic, and really want to know what the hell this is about....because frankly, I'm thinking about government tracing, data collection....argh! And the worst part? devvie and royko are also listed, as well as a few other livejournal pages....what have you guys got me into? (yes i'm blaming yall :D)
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts, work

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