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From apocalypse to bitch in 5.6 secs

god bless...you'd think i was trying to break into a governmental secret website, but no, just been trying to get into lj...insane wasn't it?

well I was rambling in thought over lunch, and have realized that i'm crazy and super bored....see if you can follow the train of thought in the following selection:

First, I began thinking about the apocalypse because of a commercial for Lost Souls that came on tv. I began thinking about whether the phrases about Satan being born could have been misinterpretted in that people believe Satan will be born. That leads me to believe that this "satan" would always be evil. I'd much rather think that the "satan" would appear to be normal, and perhaps rise to evil during life; grow into the position, I suppose you could say. Second, I began to think about The Omen in which Damion was born from a dog or something, so I thought how cool it would be if with today's science, a human could be surrogately carried by an animal, such as a dog. So that, the egg could be fertilized and then the dog, cow, whatever, just carries the child in her womb before giving birth to a healthy 100% human. This of course started out as a cool thought that was then perverted by humor. So then, Third I thought about the unmerciless teasing the young child would go through at the expense of his classmates. The one that immediately popped into my head was a kid laughing and saying, "Your mom's a bitch!" (once again thinking of a dog mother people). This of course tickled me, and I began to think what a shame it was that there's no conversation that you could use that statement in and have it be an insult and yet also undisputably true. So Fourth I started to try to think of a situation where that could be used, which led me to only one lame and pathetic "joke", which I shall now impart on you (so sorry, but true).... One dog came up to another dog and said, "Your mom is a bitch." The other dog retaliated, "So is your's."

See? not funny, not funny at all....I am insane. Prozac used to make all of this process more insane and occur in a third of the time :) lol
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