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Not surprised by this result either...except on one lj friend...

My Best Friend is danu_2u
Our 60 common interests are: antiques, art, artists, black & white photography, books, british comedy, candles, castles, celtic, cemeteries, chocolate, coffee, coffee houses, computers, creativity, darkness, dreams, enchanted gardens, faeries, fantasy, friends, ghosts, gothic, graveyards, gypsy, haunted houses, immortality, individuality, ireland, jazz, journals, literature, magic, magick, medieval studies, meditation, music, nature, night, paganism, pagans, paranormal, peace, photography, poetry, rain, reading, road trips, self-expression, spirituality, storms, tarot, tattoos, thrift stores, vampires, wind, witchcraft, witches, world religions, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

msallegro share 9 interests.
jupitergirl share 0 interests. (This one really surprised me...still love you Kel!)
marysiak share 10 interests.
mothface share 1 interest.
ladychangeling share 36 interests.
barefootatkheb share 14 interests.
royko share 7 interests.
inosolan share 5 interests.
allthatishippie share 52 interests.
msjoplin share 10 interests.
jello_b share 16 interests.
crystalgamgee share 17 interests.
devvie share 4 interests.
celticelff share 34 interests.
lunarising share 0 interests.
_iconsofkat share 1 interest.
poorlilboyblue share 2 interests.
danu_2u share 60 interests.
billyboydfan share 34 interests.
widdershin share 8 interests.
owlgrey share 7 interests.
_iconsofdoom share 2 interests.
technicolorgray share 8 interests.
puddle_took share 0 interests.
danu2u share 0 interests.
semaphore27 share 10 interests.
theshadowwolf share 0 interests.
alexsfanfics share 9 interests.
yavieulmadin share 1 interest.
sammy_iammy share 48 interests.
bobibbly share 11 interests.
thuriniaun share 0 interests.

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