looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

Life in There

Well, I admit it, I have been stolen away by There. The sweet seduction of chatting with people with faces and voices has taken me from the dear friends of mirc. I still pop into mirc for awhile now and then, but it never seems to be the same without an avatar smiling at me. My new online friends are not without fault, nor would I want them to be. However, they are full of fresh life, loves, and idiosynchrancies that I adore. How would I survive a day without Kale and Roci picking at me? Or without laughing over a private joke with Danu? I don't think that I could. So while the boyfriend sits in the background making fun, and making threats to ensue a virus on There, I sit happily throwing Dennis Miller sarcasm around. A little titillation can't be wrong can it?

And yes, I am an obsessive person, jumping from one time demolishing thing to another, but that's what life is isn't it? Filling your time with laughs and love is all I'm looking for, of course a splash of success and money here and there would help to. In the meanwhile, I'll be satisfied with what I have. Affection, friends, and obsessions.

Blessed be all.
Tags: there

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