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My Daily Humorscope
Another day of social convention defiance, today. You'll refuse to wear clothes in the "normal" fashion (if at all), and you'll begin all your business correspondence: "My Darling Snookums:."

hahhaa! if only....i did have a strange urge to wear a scarf today, too bad I didn't.....but "My Darling Snookums"? I think my boss would fall down...hehehe...but it would be so fucking funny.....

"My Darling Snookums,

Yes my occupancy level is currently pathetic, however, know that I will always love you.



hehehe, on a second note, DO NOT start your day with two school cartoons of chocolate milk (28 grams of carbs a piece, holy shit!)....no wonder it tastes so good....enough sugar to kill you.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts, work

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