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Yay! I've got dinner!

Yay! i just received an excellent idea for dinner tonight from Stephanie, she gave me a version of one of her "hungry working women" meals. First, must have clean caserole dish (freshly washed, check), then I took rice, a can of cream of mushroom (surprised I had any left after last weeks soup fiasco), partially thawed chicken (froze my fingers so much I'm surprised I didn't chop one off), and yellow squash (always a pleasure to chop). Added water and topped with foil, popped into the oven, and Voila! in 30-40 mins I shall have dinner prepared and not had to leave my computer for very long.... And in the time it took for the oven to preheat, I chopped up a watermelon for desert....Yay!

*gives a Mentos commercial cheeky grin with a thumbs up to allthatishippie , thanks pal!*
Tags: flist love, happy family, random thoughts

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