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so, it's been one of those lazy silent weekends, where my journal gapes open hoping for some entries but gets nothing, much like the rest of the world....I didn't do much after the day of the lj design debacle...Friday I did see some movies, Sunday, did housework and played Harry Potter....almost completed the Harry Potter game after just 3 days of playing...I like this one better than the others, better spells and less tedious crap....

First of all, we saw The 13th Child, Legend of the Jersey Devil-Volume 1...movie infoplease, whatever you do, DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE. It sucked so bad. The acting was atrocious, the filming was jerky, and the story? Would have been better as an hour long x-files. Seriously, bad. I looked over at my boyfriend at one point and said, "This is why I pick out the movies, but you kept saying that I rented crap you didn't want to see, so I let you pick this one out. Remember this, it's going in your file."

Then we saw 50 First Dates. Awesome, I loved it! Adam Sandler has just been getting better with each movie. I think my view on him completely changed once I saw Punchdrunk Love. Now I realize how good he really is.....Drew was brilliant and gorgeous as usual...but let me tell you...Sean Astin? Lisping? There's an experience I hope to never repeat. That got on my last nerve. The first time I heard it, I thought they were making fun of Drew, then the lisping continued and I was like, "Why is he lisping?" and then I was totally annoyed. But his character was so cute, with all the muscle flexing and all....and I couldn't help but think of lunarising watching it, knowing she has his shirts :) lol.....

Then it was on to Timeline. I've read the book, loved it, and now have a healthy appreciation of the movie. I didn't know that Billy Connolly was in it, or I probably would have seen it long before, and if I had known about sexy Gerard Butler? Shew, for all the women out there, I say thank you God....another hot Scottish man to love? Thank you...Knowing he is playing the Phantom of the Opera in the to be released movie this winter? priceless.....seeing him with his ear cut off, and yelling out in surprise and excitement in my living room, jumping up and down because that means he ends up with Lady Claire! *giggle* ....I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too into this movie.

Last, but not least, I stayed up till 4 am on Saturday night watching Love Actually. I loved it, loved it, loved it....absolutely brilliant movie. I laughed hard enough to fall out of bed watching Hugh Grant shimming his way around the house. Laughed, cringed, cried, etc through all the rest....was cooing over the little boy and Liam Neeson.....god, some movies are just brilliant....and I never knew that Mr. Severus Snape, Alan Rickman, was so hot in an unconventional way...now I get all the HP slash...lol...Side note, Ema Thompson was so good as the wife of said cheater, showing her keeping it all together for the family...

Finally, I was falling in the floor after watching the clips of Dom Monaghan doing the hammer dance, you can bet I'll be tuned in to VH1 tonight for "I Love the 90's"....much love to StarDom for putting up some video and hooking us all up....cracked my shit up, let me tell you.....
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