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I love the 90's!

"All right stop, Collaborate and listen"....and thus was my night spent in front of the tube clinging onto one sparing dom moment after another....seriously, is the 90's too close to now to be funny? or was the "I love the 90's" just not as funny as the other in the series?....anyway, some moments totally had me cracking up.....but I seriously think that I could have had some more Dom comments, as everything he said had me in the floor....like when he was making fun of Garth Brooks "An incredibly offensive looking man wearing horrible clothes"...the pain on his face was so tangible...hehehe, but i didn't think Garth Brooks was that bad actually, and of course, he was the first country music that I ever liked....the part that cracked me up about Dom saying that is that it is so similiar to what his own critics say about him...kind of a hmmmmmmmm moment....

so, short statement to sum it up so far? PETITION VH1 FOR MORE DOM!....that is all, thank you...you may return to your tv viewing now....or back to your massive rewind fest like I am doing lol...
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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