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my feet hurt...i was at work for 9 1/2 hours, without a break....and I walked in 110 degree heat index for 8 1/2 hours....in sandals....so tired....

and it looks like my property will be bought by October by a new company...so job change? but nothing official yet...just very strong suggestion

i want to buy my own website, but need a good name...I am going to use it to display my photoshoping, writings, etc....anyone think of something? I was considering "ImagesFromtheVoid.com" "Outofthevoid.com"...but i'm not very creative...so suggestions? cool words? I even tried to think of a good scottish word, english word...but *sigh* so tired, I can't think.....

and damn it! i am cursing Billy Boyd! how dare he nix the Origins conference where I could have actually met him and then waited until a week before to schedule a conference showing at ComicCon....I'm so pissed....why the hell can't I ever meet him? or at least have some little personalized token to remember him by....*sniff*...I even thought about bidding on the autographs that Pauline put up on ebay...how sad....

alright i'll stop my whining...but really, life is so fucking unfair....
Tags: billy, random thoughts, rant, work
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