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and the verdict is in...I've bought my own webspace www.outofthevoid.net nothing on there yet, as I'll probably need a week of unhindered time to make something, and since it's been years since I had a strong hand in developing a website, I'm a bit rusty....so bare with all and I will let you know when it's up.

I just got out of the doctor's appointment (yay! no pap smear!) and there's much good news. I've lost another 10 lbs (woohoo! frap anyone?) and because my periods are finally stabalizing, doc says there's a good chance that I could actually get pregnant. maybe mom's dream of having a grandchild WILL happen...but I have to start taking my medicine regularly again, and the doc suggested getting back on my zoloft to stabalize those wicked mood swings that i've been having, probably not a bad idea....

well off to work on the website...i'm brimming with excitement...and if anyone has any pointers, or tips on that vein, please feel free to let me in....
Tags: about me, pcos, random thoughts, website

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