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Hello? my journal is empty and staring.....well this is unusual...no words from me since the day of the great sickness (which I still have, bummer)...I'm taking the hell out of some cold and sinus medication, which serves to basically deaden the headache enough for me to work, but does nothing to the sore throat and swelling ...

Traveled much this weekend, wish I could claim some responsibility for the driving, but that was all Catherines...much travel=much silliness=much exhaustion....but back at work today, boss is on the way for this afternoon, she says it will be a short visit (yippee!)....got bitched at by the school lunch people yesterday for missing two lunch days in a row, but hey, at least I called them to say I wasn't coming. Who do they think they are anyway?....

yelled at my web service people because my site is still not showing up, they are claiming that my account expire 3 days before I even activated the account, brilliant right? I'm telling them that they are obviously idiots who gave me someone else's account info and they better fix it or plan on giving me my money back....really starting to piss me off.....now they aren't talking to me....jerks....but one day, one day I shall have a site...maybe.....

saw my parental units yesterday, had a nice dinner and I tried to get out of the aggravated funk I was in, but stayed pretty grumpy anyway. Mom made the mistake of talking about Farenheit 911 in front of my boyfriend....they had a nice little bicker fest about it, and now he's planing a long email to her with point by point all the things that the movie lied about....good luck on that one mom....hehehe, people are so silly

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devvie From: devvie Date: July 21st, 2004 10:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Sorry you are feeling so cummy, but it's good to see you posting again...you know how much I worry. :D
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