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things that make you go *squee* and hmmmmm

well, I discovered something....a little something I'd like to call "possible ways to futher stalk bother annoy contact" Mr. Boyd. I have a phone number, an addy, and an email address....now, the phone number is probably defunct at this point, and the address I've had for awhile, but the email address I came across the other day, and thought it must be a joke....but now I have confirmation that it's the contact addy listed for the registration of his website....sooooooo, hmmmm.....dare I bother this sweet sweet man in his email (which he isn't very likely to check)? Or should I be satisfied in the having? Or should I put it on here so that everyone else will have it and will stalk contact him first.....hmmmm....don't know...think I'll just stare at the page lovingly for a little while.....
Tags: billy, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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