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100 Things About Me!

1. I have two cats, Psyche and Ruca.
2. Between the ages of 12-18 I made a conscious effort to speak with a bad English accent in order to not sound Southern.
3. I've taken the Greyhound bus cross country by myself for 3 days at a time.
4. I've slept with more people than I can count on two hands.
5. And I only first had sex when I was 19.
6. I sang in church choirs from 2nd grade through 1st year in college.
7. I sang Soprano, Alto, in between, in that order.
8. I started smoking at age 19 over a boy.
9. I still smoke and am up to a pack a day (sometimes more).
10. And I used to be a nonsmoking advocate.
11. I voted for Ralph Nader during the 2000 political debacle, and I wouldn't change my vote now.
12. My first car is still the newest car I ever had.
13. I fell asleep driving and wrecked said car into a rock wall.
14. I used to adore Alex on Family Ties.
15. My bedroom at my mother's house is still full of New Kids on the Block stuff (in boxes thankfully).
16. I have always had imaginary friends.
17. I still have imaginary friends.
18. I have published four poems and 5 analytical works.
19. I started and edited a literary magazine in highschool.
20. I told my doctor that I'm trying to get pregnant.
21. I used to smoke pot all day long for 4 years.
22. And I was still a straight A student in college.
23. I was in honor courses all through highschool and college.
24. I was Captain of the high school academic team.
25. My parents are both teachers.
26. My older brother and I hardly speak, and haven't for 14 years (makes me sad).
27. I have been engaged 3 times, and never married.
28. And I would have only really married one of them.
29. And he broke my heart and I've never got over him completely.
30. I swear I was once attacked by a maleovent spirit, and it's true!
31. I've seen a ghost or two.
32. Growing up, I wanted to be a cheerleader, nun, teacher, nun, writer, librarian, writer, psychologist, writer, psychologist in that order.
33. I have my psychology BA.
34. And I'm doing nothing with it.
35. I secretly *tiny bit* like my job.
36. I openly hate it a whole lot.
37. I love vegetarian food.
38. I love to recycle, it makes me feel useful.
39. I can't stand potato chips.
40. My favorite blizzard is a peanut butter cup blizzard.
41. I'll eat cherry flavored anything!
42. I detest the consistency and flavor of cooked fruit.
43. I only eat carrots raw.
44. My favorite salad dressing is oil and vinegar.
45. Before I discovered my favorite salad dressing, I always ate them plain.
46. If my food touches each other on the plate, it makes me sick.
47. I can't eat breakfast.
48. I hate birds!
49. And one time, a bird shat in my ear.
50. I love shooting guns at targets.
51. And I'm a natural at it.
52. I collect gargoyles.
53. I love foreign and independent films.
54. Theatre makes me horny, always.
55. I pierced my nose as a reaction to seeing Cabaret for the first time on stage.
56. I swear that my first tattoo will be the healing hand.
57. I think of myself as a heiraphant, the wounded-healer.
58. My mother calls me the "Queen of Hearts"
59. My favorite nickname has always been "Dr. Seuss" or "Seuss"
60. I've had more male friends than female.
61. And most of them were gay.
62. I've pretended I was with someone else during sex.
63. And it actually seemed better!
64. I'm the worst at remembering people.
65. I believe candlelight is better than electricity.
66. I really want an English bulldog.
67. And I will call him Geeves.
68. My first kiss was at 12.
69. And he was 19.
70. I've always wanted to research more about nuns and their "rapturing by Jesus".
71. I own more porn than my boyfriend.
72. I always thought I'd have a child with Downs-syndrome.
73. And I was happy about it.
74. I want to go to graduate school for parapsychology.
75. I was abducted once by a complete stranger.
76. I have had a recurring fantasy, from the time of 10 yrs or so, of being stranded on an island with my favorite star crush.
77. I am frightened of storms.
78. I am terrified of natural disasters and acts of God.
79. I had a nervous breakdown at 13 over a possible earthquake that was supposed to occur.
80. And it never did.
81. I had an ulcer by age 12, which has only gotten worse.
82. I have no neck curve, following a car accident at 16.
83. I have a disease called Hydrenitis supportiva.
84. And it's incurrable, and very painful.
85. I used to wrap my cat up in blankets and treat her like a baby.
86. And one day to pay me back, she pissed in my face (stupid kitty).
87. I miss my grandmother, and still talk to her out loud even though she's been deceased for 15 years now.
88. I believe in God, but consider myself pagan.
89. I have been a fairy at Halloween for 4 years in a row (before last year).
90. Last year, I was a mobster.
91. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
92. I've left christmas decorations up for 6 months before.
93. I'm not afraid of turning 30, no matter what I say.
94. I've been waiting for death since I was 15.
95. I don't believe in hell, only a purgatory like place.
96. I want to drive an old Volkswagon
97. My favorite all time actor is Anthony Hopkins.
98. My favorite all time actress was Jessica Tandy.
99. I want grey hair with white streaks.
100. It took me 20 mins to come up with this list.

**Edit: and for a bonus, three other completely Ema/Susan things
101. I have to organize and wash dishes in the same neurotic manner every time.
102. I alphabetize my music (have to!)
103. I have been to 45 out of 50 states.
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