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I hate you, and you, and you...

Does God hate me? This I ask myself after an extremely busy day at the office, after receiving another call from the current owner who now wants me to fax him the last 6 months rentroll asap tomorrow. Gah! And the phone has rang every two seconds, with very loud bitchy people. So much so that I'm begun yelling "Shut up!" when I hang up the phone. Turning psychotic over here...CAN'T EVERYONE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!.....nope, ah well...at least I did get some of the things done that I needed to today.....

so I look at the clock, see it's 4 and half get out of my seat before realizing that because I got to take my lunch hour today, I'm stuck here into 5. Bugger! Sooooooo, guess I should get started on those rentrolls. The question is, does he want pristine rentrolls? Or the ones I wrote on? Hmmmm....perhaps I should have asked....but I don't want to....so guess I see if I can print rentrolls from 6 months ago, and if not, I guess I'll be a copying madman....

*sigh* what to do tonight? the bf mentioning picking up the kid early, but after our evening long fight last night, I really hope he has changed his mind. I'm too tired to deal with the bitch (aka the ex-wife), and too tired to deal with the spoiled whinings of a seven year old. maybe I can feign illness and stay home...wouldn't be far from the truth actually....

is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

**Edit: Damnit! just checked, can't print old rentrolls and have them show up right, which means he will have to get the ones I wrote on and will know exactly who hasn't paid rent...Blast! Oh well, most of them I've gotten out, the others I have set for eviction....muhahahahaha! Still, how unprofessional to have to turn in to the owner....
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