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weekend stuff...lala

so....the weekend was....okay. I spent....too much money....
*snap snap*
don't know why I felt like writing the journal like some beatnik poem for a second, but be glad I stopped myself. I actually deleted two lines :D.....so, had the kid this weekend, and I swear he gets mouthier every time. I really hope it's his age and not a lasting thing. We were trying to watch spiderman 2 Friday night, but the kid wouldn't even sit through that, so I'll have to catch up on that one later this week. Saturday we went to the dollar theatre in Bowling Green to watch Van Helsing. We're sitting in the theatre for what seems like an eternity, when I get this funny feeling that we're in the wrong theatre. I make Jason go check, and yep, we were. We were somehow in the theatre for 13 going on 30....the horror! The horror!...so we run across the hallway and managed to only miss the first 10 mins of Van Helsing....rest of the movie turned out pretty good, even though I was totally distracted by the wonderkin boobs of the hot chick in the movie. Don't you still wish we could dress like that? With our boobs magically floating due to the miracle of a corset?...heh, me either...lol...but I do want to have wonderkin boobs. After the movie we went to the giant huge Dollar Tree that is right beside the theatre. I wandered in a daze through this behemoth of a store and manage to actually buy something useful. I got these storage cubes that I fixed up into a nifty thing for my desk (finally cleaned off now! woohoo!) and picked up the most adorable little note pad that has a hard cover with "Manager" on it....heheh, couldn't resist. Spent the night doing nothing special till I tripped over the damn cat in the middle of the floor and wrenched my ankle something awful.

Sunday we took the child put putting on one of the hardest courses around at Hillbilly Hounds. I hobbled around the course, sucking badly, still managed to keep only two strokes behind Jason. Austin had a fit when we were done and didn't want to slap down another $11 for another go, but it was hot as hell and we weren't trying to go broke on put put. So we stayed inside and gave him some quarters to play on the machines while Jason and I attempted a game of pool. I have now been reminded why I haven't played real pool in so long. Hobbits have an awful time trying to reach all over the table :D. That game was horrible. Neither of us had played in years, and we spent the first 5 mins randomly knocking balls around the table. But once I got the hang of it again (and the crooked as hell stick), I began knocking some balls in with awkward precision. And I managed to beat him until we got down to the eight ball. By then, Jason was so distracted that he quit, which makes me the winner! woohoo! :) Taking Austin home that evening, I managed to get a trip over to the Barnes and Nobles to once again look for the damn SFX magazine. They still only had one copy from last month, but I did look at the price on it, $8.99, which means that before shipping I only paid about $4.00 too much...woohoo! So I'll check B&N in two weeks, try my luck there....I finally managed to buy a new computer chair (YES! NO MORE BAR IN ASS!) and got a super deal on it (only $30 after a mail in rebate). It's awesomely comfortable and I can't wait to try it on one of my 12 hour photoshop stints. I spent about an hour sitting and trying out all the chairs. The only thing it doesn't have that I wanted was a way to swivel the back, but I will live. Can't afford to pay $100 for a chair. I did make sure it had tons of padding though, I will never go back to the freaking hell of that other chair.

And now I'm at work, foot brace on, listening to launchcast, facing the daunting task of a desk full of work...*sigh*...okay no more whining, off to work....
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, happy family, random thoughts, relationship

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