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the good, the bad, and the beautiful

took off work today, I was cramping like a bi-otch and my skin condition flared up fierce. It's too hard to try and do work when it's that painful to walk and move your arms...hope everyone at work understands.....

and now for some good news, after 22 days of bitching to support, my website is FINALLY working! wooooooooooohoooooooo! So, I'll be finishing it the pages slowly, and try to get somethings working...feel free to visit but keep in mind it's a work in progress. Only the front page is up right now, and it's got some issues. Out of the Void

*hugs* to all.....and much thanks for everyone in the responses for yesterday's post. I wasn't down (though some would have thought I was) but wanted to share while the lj's paused for a moment.....I've seen many an interesting response to others' post, and am glad I didn't get the same on mine....love you all!
Tags: flist love, pcos, random thoughts, website

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