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yeah yeah, don't tell me, I already know...messing around last night in my file manager, the www folder decided to disappear with all the files, and even though I tried to remake it, somethings not working...so I may have to petition for a refreshed file manager and reload it...which really sucks because I actually had 4 pages loaded in now including a revamped index....ah well...so no one go searching for the outofthevoid website for a few days.

i'm at work, and in great pain, couldn't be helped as I had no more sick days. One part of the skin condition is better today, but the other inflamed area is soooooooo damn painful I can't walk, stand, sit, or bend without extreme winching and old lady timed movements. I really hate this disease, and hope to god that my doctor is telling the truth that it will ease with menopause....course that means I'll still have to wait another 20 years or so....*sigh*.....

I really need to get on the ball and read all the stories everyone is putting out....I've yet to get to widdershin's, puddletook's, or the last one of tarnishedhalo's. And of course, I'm so far behind on semaphore27's that I may have to start at the beginning to get back into the tone of them. So much to read, in so little time....
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