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Back in the saddle again

Okay, after a day of my computer being down and completely f***ed up, I have taken the brand new Best Buy card and purchased a honest-to-god registered copy of Windows XP.
"what???" you scream, " I thought you never bought such things as registered copies?"
yes it's true, I do have the bad habit of using whatever program the bf has downloaded, but for god's sake, a person can only take so much before they have to break down and buy a virus free working addition of a program that I can reformat any damn time I wish.

I also splurged a little at Best Buy and finally broke down and got a 17 inch monitor to replace my 10 yr old 15 inch. And suddenly the word seems so much bigger...Just think of all the room when I'm writing up a story or trying to work on fireworks or photoshop! So know i'm a little more in debt, but happy because every thing is working.....for now
Tags: random thoughts

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