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Eulogy for Further...

My dear friends, we have gathered here today to celebrate the life of Further, which ended much too soon.

Further was born in 1988 as a black luxury modeled Thunderbird. Not much is known of Further's first 12 years of life, as he chose to keep silent. But in early autumn of 2000, I came across, poor berangled Further sat in what was meant to be his resting place. I was coming down from my previous car's love/hate relationship, and needed something fast and reliable enough to last a few months. I saw Further, looked over his rough exterior and scowl and decided to take a chance. $400 later, I had him and christened him Further, in honor of Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. There wasn't much you could say wrong about him. True, he didn't have a shiny pretty face, but the inside was surprisingly nice. He had power everything, a sun roof, a little knob that let you adjust the seat positioning. He and I got along fine. He had a nice little engine growl about him that let me know that he was ready to roll, his heat could set you on fire if it was on high, and I always danced along with his musically ticking of the turn signals.

Further and I had great times! I remember driving him along country roads with the windows down, singing along to one poppy tune or another. There were deviant times, when I'd smuggle myself out to the haven of his interior during breaks at work to smoke a little weed. He had perfect places to hide everything. He could hold more people than I ever would want in my car. When I had a wreck, he protected me very well. *sigh*

But then he started wearing down. First it was with tires. If I ever had a complaint about him, it was that he would eat tires like no one's business. Of course, it would help if I didn't drive him like a tank, tearing down over curbs, glass, nails. I swear, if there was one nail in a 300 mile radius, Further always found it. *smile* And then the engine started sounded rough, always knocking....so sadly, I began to look for another car. And found my Black Betty. Further was delegated to spare car, and then ultimately to the vehicle the boyfriend used. But I still loved him so....I would always say "There's Further, he took us further than we ever thought he would"....

This weekend, Further gave his last ride. The boyfriend brought him back to the apartment, but his lifeblood (transmission oil) was being thrown everywhere and a universal joint was failing. I lightly stroked his hood and realized....this is it....Further will not get sold off to another needy person like I thought...he will not have his last ride off the property, he will be towed off and *gulp* sold for junk. Suddenly, it all seemed so wrong. How I loved that car and all it's little amenities, how I'd had it almost as long as I've had the boyfriend, and how so many happy times were had in that car (including the racy ones that I shall not list). It's too sad to send a car like that away. It's like loosing part of your life. I've said goodbye to only two other cars, one was sad, one was happy....but I never had one with as much personality as Further. It will be a sad day when he is carried off to the fields.

And so we say goodbye to another chapter of life, and we try to remember that you'll always have the memories even if you don't have the object, and we go on....perhaps it's best.....and after all, he did take me further than I ever thought he would.
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