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don't ya hate it when...

a fellow manager, knowing how important keeping appointments are, fails to keep her phone appointment with you? and then I call, and leave a message, and then I call, and reach her and she says "I'll call back in just a minute"....take 37 mins later and I'm still waiting, afraid of starting anything else lest I get too deeply involved to stop....*sigh* stupid wanker...rumble rumble rumble....

I'm going to burn up this cd before too long, Katie Melua is so good. It's like a mix between Nora Jones and Mila Jovonich...quite intriguing and surprisingly good considering her age....

well....I uh...spent the night doing photoshop, completed two pictures (both containing my current obsession of using a textured old paper effect), revamped my lj background and colors (but need to seriously start thinking about switching to a different style), and started trying to teach myself airbrushing techniques....let me just say, I have to be doing something wrong because this stuff is sooooooooo tedious and it's ending up looking like a cartoon rather than pretty....may have to try something different tonight....

The first pretty

Thinking of using this as the background to the outofthevoid site when I get it back up....
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