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Como se eh?

That was the weirdest experience in my life...I went to the Ford dealership to pick up a part that my bf had ordered for Further. I go in, wait FOR EVER while the one and only clerk is on the phone making strange faces. I was *rolling eyes* and checking my watch. Then finally he comes back and makes this sound like "Err?" and looks at me expectantly. So I tell him I'm here to pick up a part for JJ and think well that's weird. Then he turns to the UPS guy coming in and I swear, he said, "Bder der up bdamn" and the other guy understood him. At this point my jaw drops, I'm thinking there is no way that someone actually sounds like Boomhower off of King of the Hill, but no, here's evidence. Well, I have no freaking clue what the hell he just said, and am tripping on that. He brings the part back, opens up the box, saying "Smee" and then takes out the part, pushes it towards me and say "Ptu". I said "Thank you very much" and got the hell out of there. A few more minutes and I swear Dale would have come in....crazy.
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