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Vote for billyboyd.net!

found on Billy's site:

"Movies.com Nomination
billyboyd.net are delighted to announce that this website has been nominated in the Best Official Actors category in the 1st annual Movies.com Movie Sites Awards.

Billy said, "I'm delighted that the hard work and time spent on the website has been recognised in this way by Movies.com. Not only that but I'm immensely flattered and humbled that those people that the website was created for, the fans, have been voting in their support of the site. It really means a great deal to me. Thank you for this nomination, for the support and champagne all round!!!".

Voting closes 10th September. Cast your vote at the Movies.com website."

I just went and voted and Billy's site is barely in the lead. Go Vote! (also up for vote is of course theonering.net which isn't doing too well right now :( )
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