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15 Reasons That You Know Its Time to Shave Your Legs

my friend Catherine has a saying that she knows it's time to shave her legs when she can feel the wind move through it (hahah), and as I was finally shaving my legs last night, I thought of fifteen other ways of knowing when enough is enough....

1. You practice all the styles of braids on your legs.
2. People think you're wearing pantyhose when you're not.
3. Your father starts to call you his "third son".
4. You begin plucking the hairs with your fingers for amusement.
5. You are beginning to wonder the etiquette of combing your legs.
6. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can't decipher the difference between leg and crotch. (I know, gross, but true)
7. You make contests with balding men to see who will go bare first.
8. You begin to think of your legs as "furry friends".
9. You are hopelessly attached to that one hair on your kneecap.
10. You have names for the individual hairs (This is Spikey, Cactii,....)
11. You have a whole new meaning for "bad hair day".
12. You have to tuck your hair into your pants.
13. Your guy friend and you are fighting over who gets to dress as Robin Williams for Halloween (cause he's a furry furry man)
14. Other people use legwarmers, and you are in shorts.
15. In a car wreck, you were protected from injury by your hair.

hehehe, there, now I'm tickled...off to lunch!
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