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These things never fail to amuse me...

Which Hobbit Will You Shag Senseless?
by Biggertaylorboydstaf
Where You Did ItMount Doom
How Long It LastedWell, if we did it more than once, should I tell you how long it lasted each time? That'd take quite a while...
If You Had To Sum It Up In One Sentence"Gandalf was watching."
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Which Elijah, Orlando, Billy and Dom character will you end up with?
by johnnys1andonly
First Name
Elijah character:Wren (Black And White)
Dom character:Etienne (Monsignor Renard)
Billy character:Ross (Coming Soon)
Orlando character:Paris (Troy)
Quiz created with MemeGen!
**I took this the first time with my username, and came up with Billy's character from Taggart, which being as he's developmentally slowed in that character, and thus it is illegal and slightly scary ;)

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