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Random Olympic thoughts last night...

**It wasn't even at Azerbajin when I found myself wondering about the Scottish team. Is that sick?

**Anyhoo, isn't there something about the Olympics? Don't you almost just have to be filled with some sort of feeling? How many of us out there haven't always imagine that feeling of the best and wondered what could have been if we'd just tried harder, had rich parents, or some shred of athletic talent? The feeling of the world's best personified in the lofty weight of a medal on your neck? The parade of nation begins and you are filled with this childlike awe. You are hopeful for all of them. Along with that, as a human, you are also filled with this vigor from seeing young, sculpted fresh bodies made for this type of competition. It's envigorating in both sexual and nonsexual ways. Personally, I'm quite scared of my sudden attraction to many of the sexy Hispanic men.

**A mudslide without chocolate is an Avalanche, I decided. That was my drink of choice last night.

**I did have the unique experience, however, of showing the Olympics to a first time 7 year old watcher. Kind of the elder showing wisdom to an eager student kind of thing. It was quite touching and also hysterical with the strange side conversations he ropes you into.

**Yum, irish guys.

**I hate that the channels always push for cheering for only Americans. Half the fun for me is all the stories and having this ethereal response of who to root for, no matter what country they are from.

**Giving a huge nod to the New Zealand walkers. *nod*

**Hummm, it appears I somehow missed the Scots, maybe during a commercial break.

**That torch lighting thing was weird...made me horny...must be a phallic response.

Think I'll go take a nap now or lie in bed and watch the Olympics....yeah, that's what I'll do.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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