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okay, so I temporarily forgot where I was for a minute...is that so wrong? so I was lost amoung lj when I was supposed to be working hard and pretending to like it...is that a crime? .....

so,...what's up? uh huh yep...that's about it, isn't it?....I think once the Olympics are over, I'm gonna get serious about writing again...lay off the photoshop for a little while (even though I desperately need some new icons)....finish the last part of Those Summer Nights, even if only for myself. What? you never finished that? nope...but everyone was finished reading it and I felt stuck, so blah....Personally, I'm not sure why that one sucked so much, but it did....But really, I want to work on some nonfandom stuff....There's a modern age fairytale book I started about 10 years ago that I want to go back and write on...polish up the old, write some new, you know....If I can ever get it done, I honestly plan on submitting it to some publishers. And if all else fails, small book press. Not that I expect anything from it, other than the satisfaction that I can finally put it to bed.

Been trying to catch up on my reading, and have about 100 pages left to go on Song of Susannah by Mr. King....good thing too, because the new and final edition of that series comes out next month. No more Dark Tower, whatever will we do?

Alright, enough bsing...time to get back to photocopying....*big long tortured sigh*
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