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The Investigation of paper

is there a perceivable difference between white, bright, and extra bright copy paper? Is it that important to have the extra bright? Does it contain some sort of hidden super power in that it's able to blind your oncoming enemies for the wrong slight? Or is it all a conspiracy to make one think that they are the best because only the "extra bright" paper will do for them, and it's all the same anyway. Well we at the Parkview Institute for the Clinically Insane have decided to investigate this issue further and took core samples from all three specimens. Below you will find our startling results!

The Investigation
Core Samples under 500x magnification

as you can see, we were quite shocked by these results, further investigation led us to believe that even the beginning "white" paper can hope to become something more.
Evolutionary Diagram of Paper

This just goes to show...try, try, and one day you too may evolve into something other than an amoeba...
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