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leaving for my appointment in a hour, just got finished reformatting the computer, but can't get my backups to load until I find the nero installation disks, so no photoshop for me :( and no updating lj with semantic (*sob*). Guess I'll try to dig that disk out when I get back with my new self.

very tired, had to get up at the asscrack of dawn to take bf to work in Bowling Green, so that we can get Further back up to the house. Very tired....

Thinking about cleaning the house tonight, and whether I should go ahead and sort through my bf's clothes for goodwill. It's the only way it will ever get done as he constantly says he'll do it, but never does. It is a tiny invasion, but god knows that I know the difference between what he can and does wear and the size 32 pants he keeps showed in his drawers and on the floor. So maybe I'll do "sorting light". :D

feeling not so happy today...maybe the hair appointment will help....
Tags: about me, random thoughts, relationship

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