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Big red...

my hair decided to play games today and totally tricked my stylist, not once but three times. This was the most adventuresome hair dye of my life!...we picked out the colors, put it on, waited forever, washed it out and cut my hair, thinking "oh this will be a great color". My hairstylist got all giddy like she usually does, and then we began to dry it and it all went to hell. The color was soooooo light and totally not what I wanted. It was the worst mousy brown that you have ever seen, although when it was wet it was so dark it was almost black. So she improvised, she threw on more color that was sooooo red I looked like Carrie after the blood drop....and we washed, still too light. We did this three times before she had it, and from there on, it was clean sailing.....and now when I look in the mirror I actually recognize the person staring back at me....Never, never again will I be talked into going blond....I hated it with a passion....I just didn't look right...but now I do :D....

wanna see?

finally! I'm baaaaaaack!
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