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How can an applicant beg me over the phone for an apartment, tell me that they are going to have to live in a car with their 15 month old baby, that they'll be ready to move in just as soon as you have one open, tell you all this in the morning and then in the afternoon, when you offer them an apartment that is immediately available for move in, tell you that they would prefer to wait because their aunt says that it's hell to park there? And have the nerve to ask if it has carpet? *head bangs into wall*...wtf?

I was so shocked, I literally was like, "uhhhhhh....wha wha what?" and then just said, "well......okay....but you know that means waiting another month or so.....AND it makes no sense as you're the one calling daily begging for an apartment."....she finally agreed to move in tomorrow...but jeez...PEOPLE!
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, rant, work

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