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First Email post!

I've decided after having a paid account this long, that it's time I use some of the features....now granted email posting is not that grand considering that all I have to do is log onto my semagic and do the exact same thing...but it may be cool one day if I'm at some cafe somewhere...but if I'm on the computer already, why don't I just update through the lj site? dunno...but I thought there should be a first time for everything.....and this is it....

still no news today of anything...been quite busy and boring...but that sounds good especially since all my flist has been bombarded with troubles and personal tragedies....sometimes peaceful is ok....

only new news is that dearly beloved celticelff bestowed a gmail account on me, for which I shall be eternally grateful and have now bumped her up on the top list of the highly esteemed in ema's eyes....that is a grand list to be on, with it full of celebrities and life long loved ones....:D not that she wasn't already up there, but

EDIT** Okay, email post sucks, had to come back in and straighten out the jabberwocky word wrapping...blah on you email post!
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