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Love and Hate Duel

I love launchcast so much! *huggles launchcast to her ample bosum* What would I do at work without the constant stream of my favorite hand picked music? I would die, absolutely die...even though everyone makes fun of my music (frankly, I don't understand or care)...yesterday the exterminator came in during one of my Katie Melua music fests and said it was time to bring the flowers and the postroast. I raised an eyebrow and asked why, he said because it sounds like a funeral in here...*rolling eyes* some people just can't stand eclectic music tastes!

now for the hatefest...I hate my personal info and HAVE TO change in on lj...I also HATE my page sooooooooo much...I guess I'd better go home and hurry up and reformat the computer again...since i screwed it all up already with a botched restore...lol....then it's photoshop time, oh yeah!
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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