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can't sleep again on night two of the saga...

can't sleep, decided to talk about the weekend...

mostly the weekend was spent doing the normal stuff, renting movies, light shopping, an outside excursion, not in that order...

had the child this weekend, and having made plans to take him to the big local attraction "Dinosaur World", we settled ourselves in for a long hot day. We arrived on Saturday just a bit before noon, forked over the $30, and started with a walk through the musuem. They had these huge placards of questions with the answers below them, which I utilized by asking Austin the questions to slow him down enough that I didn't feel like we were making a marathon through the musuem. It helped some, and I was actually able to read the information about each displayed piece or fossil (yes, I am one of THOSE nerds). I also learned an important thing, Austin is waaaaaaay smarter than i even thought, as he was able to answer almost every single question on dinosaurs, including some tough stuff. What a kid :). Jason had talked me into bringing the digital camera and I swear he took over 100 pics (to be sure, I'm not posting all of them on here lol). Then Austin got to do this cute little fossil dig in some sand, we all had to take pictures with our head sticking out of a dino's mouth :D and we then proceed to walk over a mile on the hottest day to date lol...way hot and sweaty an hour later we meandered through the gift shop and left for more air conditioned pastures.

We decided to rent movies for the night and ended up with some ok choices. We decided on Hildalgo, The Order, and Mystic River. Austin informed us that if he had a horse, he would name it "Hot Rod: Flame of Death" and that he would ride it everywhere. That of course had us in tears with his description, which would have been enough if he hadn't carried it to the next level. He then told us that he's going to name his first born son the same thing. I told them that I could see it now in school, the teacher would be reading roll in the Charlie Brown nasal voice, "Hot Rod Flame of Death? Do you prefer Hot or Rod?"....we dissolved into a pool of giggles.

And so, we watched Hidalgo first, which was quite lovely once I got past the bad southwestern accent of Viggo's. I guess I wasn't ready to be over Aragorn yet....The movie touched me, first because of the story, and second because of the horse. I felt so much love for that horse, I'm not surprised that Viggo bought him after the movie was over. He was so full of expression, and god, the scene with the spike! Ugh! Was dying over here! and then towards the end, I so didn't think the horse would live, I was sure as soon as he passed the line, he was gonna drop dead. But the best part was the very end with all the mustangs running free....I swear to you, I have never seen a more beautiful site, and to think that somewhere in America, there are still wild and free mustangs...I tell you, it does a soul good. Course, I once again had to bear the slings of the boyfriend making fun of me for getting caught up in a film, for in the scene where Viggo begins singing the "ghost dance" chant, chills went so violently through my body that my hair stood up on end....something about that chant just got to me....dunno...All the mistreatment of the native Americans also just broke me, I can't stand it, couldn't stand the way that history was told differently to a screaming white-bred crowd....the stupidity of people never fails to amaze me. And if my review doesn't make you want to see the movie, just think of Lij and Dom on their little stick horses ;).

Then, last night we saw Mystic River. Ah, Mystic River, well worth your time and patience through the movie, and I must say that I agree with the Academy giving the award to Sean Penn. He was fantastic in this role! I have never seen him play a character to the depth that he did in that movie. The subject matter of the movie put me aback a little with the kidnapping and abuse of the little boy and the murder of the girl...but the movie was still handled very delicately and, I believe, honestly. I will say, that about 45 mins from the end, I had it all figured out, but I shall not ruin it for anyone who has not seen it...very twisty, turny plot. I finished the movie with some questions, and enjoyed it enough that today while at Barnes and Nobles, I searched out and bought the book. The small holes in the movie made me want to see what the hell the backstory was...so will update as I read along with it...

I watched The Order tonight...hehehe, it's not a movie I'd be laughing at normally, but there's this one unfortunate scene that just ruined this movie for me. It was an interesting idea of a movie, but never quite carried through. heheh, and this one scene, OMG, I swear to you, I'm sure that the director and writer did not mean it to be funny, but Heath Ledger just made it so....In the scene were he comes upon Mara on the floor and he has to do the whole "other" absolution thing....he blubbers like a damn fool "uho ooouh"...makes this noises like he's taking the biggest shit in the world or having the best orgasm of his life, and he intersperses this sound with "mara, baby"...Jason and I were rolling around holding our sides...The whole scene was rendered pretty sexually anyway (if you saw it, you know what I mean) and it's just hysterical! I know that I will always believe that is what he sounds like during sex "uhooooh uhuhohhhh babe-a"....to make it worse, on the deleted scenes feature, they have the dailies of that scene, and you watch him do the same scene about fifteen times. Even Jason needed a cigarette when that was over....hehehe....poor poor Heath...a "what the hell were you thinking?" moment if there ever was one....

And so....last but not least, I finally bought the 3rd Harry Potter book, the only one that I didn't own (although I of course had read it)...so the collection is complete....

good night all...get some sleep.
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