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Is it 5 o'clock yet?

*blink blink* *looks around* Is it possible that everything is silent now? That no one is calling or at the window? *sigh* long day peoples, looooooooooong day...I agree with MsJoplin, can someone please kill my job? Ah, Mondays, the acid soaked suck of life!

In other news, a couple weeks back I heard a fabulous suggestion from a fellow apartment manager. She says that she goes home every night and writes a journal about what happened at work, what she said to people, what the tenants (*cough* I mean residents) told her or did. This way if anyone ever tries to pull a discrimination suit, or claims one thing, you will have a handy little documented reference. The key to this job, and probably any government job is "documentation". In fact, it's required. So today, of all days, I began it. I made a private journal just for documenting...and surprise surprise! It filled up over a page....crazyness. But still a great idea. Think I'll try it for awhile, see how it turns out....because after all...everyone must cover their own ass, yes my precious, tis true.

I miss my Catherine...gonna have to visit with her for a longer while this week...I need to be lifted by her lovliness.....
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