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Sometimes, I'd like to be a man...

my uterus hurts...i was right about my lethargy at the end of last week, twas the dreaded PMS. I'm really starting to become fearful of myself on a monthly basis, being thrown into mad anger, insanely dark depressions, or a lethargy that's so complete that I can't get out of bed. Surely there is some drug that can combate these insane mood swings? My gyno suggested taking an anti depressant just during that week to help lessen it, since I'm trying to get the hormones back on track with my PCOS and everything's been going crazy. But I really think that there must be something else. I can't keep going through this every month and having to use sick days because of my mental status. People will start to talk....as if they aren't already :D.....

so, I'm going home for the rest of the day, feeling very lightheaded and crampy....don't think I can sit here and put up with people's shit....'sides, I'm pretty well caught up until tomorrow, when all the shit hits the fan again....*sigh*
Tags: about me, pcos, work

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