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The Amazing Uterus Girl

I'm thinking of putting a sign outside my office door proclaiming: "Come see the AMAZING Uterus Girl. See this manager attempt to work while her uterus pulls itself out of her body screaming! Watch as she downs handfuls of Advil in attempts to rein the rogue organ in! Live and in person, one day only!"

Yesterday was nice (haha, LIAR!), went home, couldn't eat, crumpled in fetal position on bed with advil, cigarrettes, and heating pad, only to discover that 3 Advil would not affect the pain for 2 fucking hours! Which, by that point, I'd already jumped into lobster hot baths in order to try to stun my body into believing that it was in no pain, my precious, no pain at all...Hahah, which worked until you get out of the tub, and then bam-o, pain made me crumple back in bed. I watched "Bubble Boy", with the A/c on high, and the heating pad on high....alternately freezing and sweating every few minutes...so much fun *rolling eyes*....but then, the Advil finally kicked in, my boyfriend came home and tried to placate me with Wendy's (which after not eating all day, was nice)....

And now this morning, p-a-i-n times 400....hating this...and *sniff* I had to come to work because it's rent collection time, and I have a move in...thank god the apartment is close so that I don't have to walk halfway round the property holding in my uterus...
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, pcos, rant, work

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