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And on the ewww gross front...

Ok, I'm sure this post will be far too much information for most people, but I just have to say that bowel movements postpartum are of the devil's work. I swear to god I think I busted some stitches on this last one today. Will the constipation ever end I ask the heavens? All this and I'm taking milk of magnesia, for all the freaking good that it does. And getting more hemorrhoids on top of the hemorrhoids I got pushing the baby out? So not cool universe. Give my lower parts a rest please.

Other than that, please universe give my lil boy as much perspective on this new baby thing as a 17 month old can possibly comprehend. His tantrums and regression behavior is about to wipe me out. I'm not even able to bond to this little girl the way I want and need to because I'm too busy trying to soothe his raw emotions. Momma needs a severe rest and vacation.
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Customized LJ layouts?

Who knows how to do LJ layouts? I want to completely revamp mine and haven't the foggiest clue how to do it. The only thing I have decided is that I want the following banner on top. Help?

Edit: Okay, I followed a little thing from awakencordy but it's still not how I want it. Still wondering why my other components aren't showing up...anyone?

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