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did i mention i hate housecleaning?

ok the damned internet is running fuck nasty slow and it's pissing me off. not that i have much time to look at anything right now, but i was trying to take a small house-cleaning break to read up on journals and my browser keeps saying, "oh what? load a page? huh? what's that?". makes me want to scream. I'm going to blame it on the weather, yeah that's it, the weather. grrrr

in other news, we have some visitors coming up to stay with us for a few days starting Sunday. I only wish I knew about this before like yesterday, because the house is a semi wreck with so much wiping down, vaccumming, and laundry to do. So J and I are on housecleaning duty, trying to do all the stuff during Lukas sleep times, but it's nigh to impossible as he's teething super badly and having all sorts of poor sleep problems right now. So far all we've completed is folding some clean laundry, starting dirty laundry, picked up and cleaned the baby's room, and cleaned up the theatre room. We still have to vaccumm, do dishes, completely overhaul the kitchen, wipe down the bathrooms, pick up the living room, and finish straightening up Austin's room (which doubles as the only guest room we have). this is so damn much work. And it all has to be done today or by 2 PM tomorrow because I work tomorrow night and then will be gone most of Saturday for my brother's gf's baby shower. *sigh* Plus, I can just imagine that's only going to stay clean for perhaps a few hours before the toddler tornado or the 11 year old terror hit it. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it.

so yeah...fucking sucks....grr internet of doom.
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cantaloupe of doom revisited

Rough night last night, let me tell you. The "cantaloupe of doom" as alexandrite_20 coined it, continued (and continues) to plague me. In addition, during one of my many up and downs all night, my right midback and side started hurting like hell. The heating pad barely contained it, and I was in misery. I suppose either I twisted funny or the toddler tornado kicked the crap out of me during sleep. Either way, ouch!

We had an ice storm last night, everything is slick as hell out there. This morning alone, the police said they worked over 72 car accidents. People are crazy stupid drivers when it's slick. Thankfully, we didn't have anywhere we were supposed to be this morning and now it seems to be melting some.

So I'm bored to death, have the baby temporary distracted by Teletubbies on tv, but I know this me time is moments rather than minutes. Still I say, god bless on demand tv.
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First snow!

last day of for another week *sigh* and I've been soooooooooo nonproductive. But I did manage to avoid the phone this morning when my manager tried to call in sick and make me work. If I do nothing else today, at least I'll have accomplished that :). Course I knew she was going to call in all week since they've been forcasting our first winter storm for today. She has this idea that I'm going to come in everytime that there's bad weather because she lives 40 mins away from the studio. Unfortunately for her, as this was my first day off in a month with Jason, there was no way in hell that I was going to cover for her. Not to mention as well that I worked through 6 very tough long days last week before getting these two pitiful days off and there's no way I'm giving them up that easy.

In other news, SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That's right peeps, we're scheduled to get our first snow this evening, and they are calling for 1-4 inches. Whoop!! It's been sleeting all day already. I'm super excited, and even brushed off my photoshop for some new wintery icons :D. Man I miss photoshopping. I did make the holiday card the other night which I plan to post shortly :). woot.

Okay, off to more housecleaning and to get dressed so that we can buy a toilet ring. Bastard landlord had the toilet delivered to the house yesterday but neglected to bring along an installer. I'm sick of not getting to flush the toilet, so I guess we'll use part of our day off today to install the new one. Let's hope it works *fingers crossed*.

K :) That's all you get today :).